Thursday, January 31, 2008

Flowserve wins major pump contract for nuclear power Plants in China

Yahoo! Finance reported this week that Flowserve Corporation, a leading global provider of fluid motion and control products and services (which we wrote about last november), has been selected to provide the China Nuclear Power Engineer Co., Ltd. with concrete volute pumps for the first phases of both the Hongyanhe and Ningde Nuclear Power Plant projects. The order is estimated to be between $25 and $30 million (USD).

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ingersoll Rand Expands ARO Pro Series Diaphragm Pump Portfolio

ThomasNet brings a news release of Ingersoll Rand. The company announced it has expanded its ARO Pro Series portfolio of diaphragm pumps by enhancing the 2- and 3-inch ported metallic pump models to include additional materials of construction.

Previously offered only in aluminum, the Pro Series now includes 2- and 3-inch ported pumps in cast iron and stainless steel. ARO now offers all three materials for all port sizes of its Pro Series portfolio, making them ideal for plant maintenance, OEM applications, primary and secondary production and bulk transfer. More information on industries and applications can be found online by visiting the Fluid Technologies Productivity Park.

Like their aluminum counterparts, the new models feature patented air valve technology that eliminates pump stalling by utilizing an "unbalanced" design. By creating an optimal pressure differential, air valves do not center, even under low air inlet pressures.

Unbalanced valves reduce production loss and downtime by providing better shift signals and delivering faster trip-over with more flow (172 gpm and 237 gpm, respectively for 2- and 3-inch models).

"Our Pro Series pumps continue to lead the way for industrial applications where robust pump construction and reliability is required," said Oakley Roberts, global marketing manager for Ingersoll Rand. "These new models enhance our Pro Series portfolio and provide our customers with greater flexibility for their applications."

Pro Series pumps also deliver gains in energy efficiency. With bolted construction and a variety of material options, these pumps feature leak-tight integrity and excellent chemical compatibility. O-rings and U-cups prevent air leakage by providing a positive seal as the air valve shifts. Air flow stops when the fluid flow stops.

ARO Pro Series diaphragm pumps are backed by a five-year warranty on materials and workmanship. For further details on ARO Pro Series diaphragm pumps, see your local distributor, call (800) 495-0276 or visit

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Air-Powered Vacuum Pumps Adjustable to Match Process Requirements

ThomasNet brings a press release of Avner Corporation on their FT Series Adjustable Flow Tubes.

A re-designed line of compressed air powered, adjustable flow tubes that are suited for applications such as cooling and drying, fume, chip and dust removal, paper feeding, part ejection, and tank purging is being introduced by Anver Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

Anver FT Series Adjustable Flow Tubes feature a straight-thru bore to let material pass without clogging, for maintenance-free operation, and use a minimal amount of compressed air to produce a high vacuum- and exhaust flow. Providing a fully adjustable vacuum and flow rate, these air transfer tubes come in four sizes and can be precisely matched to process requirements.

Precision machined from aluminum, Anver FT Series Adjustable Flow Tubes require no O-Rings or gaskets, provide instant on/off, are explosion-proof, and designed to attach to standard 1", 1-1/2", and 2" hose.

Depending upon size, they consume only 3 to 9 SCFM of air, provide output flow from 18 to 145 SCFM, and can be supplied with a wide variety of tubing and fittings.

Anver FT Series Adjustable Flow Tubes are priced from $79.99 (list) ea., depending upon size and quantity. Literature and pricing are available upon request.

For more information check out Anver Corporation website:

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Heavy pumps are on flood standby in Humberside , UK

The BBC News reports that Specialist pumping equipment has been deployed by Humberside Fire and Rescue teams in an effort to cut the impact of any flooding across the area.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Water district approves $25 million for Lake Okeechobee pumps

Andi Reid reports on the South Florida that South Florida water managers approved on Tuesday spending up to $25 million for pumps and other emergency measures to deal with Lake Okeechobee's historic drop and to prepare for when the water returns.

The goal according to the article is to keep lake water flowing to farmers that rely on it for irrigation during what is forecast to be a drier than normal winter and spring.

You can find the full article on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel website.


Monday, January 7, 2008

JTEK Announces Trochoid Pump Repair

ThomasNet brings a news release of JTEK Machinery:

JTEK Machinery is a USA service center for Nippon Oil Pump Trochoid Pumps. Since 1999 JTEK has worked closely with NOP in Japan for distribution of Nippon Oil Pump, but after many customers requests, JTEK is tooled up for the rebuild of the oil and coolant pumps made by Nippon Oil Pump.

With the ruggedness and long history of Nippon Oil Pump used within machine tools and other factory automation equipment, a typical rebuild is as simple as a complete seal kit and bearings. JTEK is in constant contact with NOP factory in Japan and can assist customers on even the hardest pump issues.A majority of the pumps that JTEK has presently been repairing are the Nippon Oil Pump HWM series (Coolant Pumps), as water plays havoc on bearings without proper maintenance.

If the pump inlet is properly filtered with a suction strainer, the pump life is in years, but unfortunately we see all too often that there is no filtration of fluid entering the pump. With the tight tolerance of the gerotor inside the trochoid pump, the unit seizes from oversized particles that the pump cannot pass through.

JTEK also has a very large stock in Houston, TX and if the customers' pump is beyond repair we can expedite a new one to keep the production machines on schedule with a minimum of down-time.

For more details on JTEK you are welcome to check their website: