Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New generation of pumps from Grindex

Grindex issued a press release on their new generation of submersible drainage pumps.

The new drainage pumps introduce several features that gives the pumps triple length durability. Moreover, durability is sustained with the same high performance. Furthermore, the new pumps are both easier to handle and faster to service. High availability on service and spare parts are highly prioritised together with simplified service.

In Grindex new generation of submersible drainage pumps, the wear resistance has been tripled, in some applications even more. It has been achieved by preventing abrasive particles from reaching the vulnerable parts of the pump, thus minimising wear. The newly designed hydraulics section with its closed impeller is dramatically reducing the performance drop caused by long-term wear. This makes the new pumps capable of operation in really demanding applications with maintained capacity. The new design also allows easy adjustment of the impeller to regain optimal performance. It simplifies the service and ensures both longer lifetime and stable dewatering during the whole pump life.

– By means of this new generation of pumps our customers can save money because the pumps last longer, said Peter Schmid, managing director Grindex. Thanks to increased wear resistance the pumps retain a higher capacity than the previous generation and therefore provide better performance over time.
– The new pumps have an ergonomic design which makes them easier to handle. We have introduced a new cartridge seal; this simplifies service routines because it can be fitted with a simple movement. And being able to adjust the impeller with a single screw simplifies service still further, Peter Schmid continues.

SMART motor surveillance and air valve remains

The new pumps still feature the SMART Grindex electronic motor guard. This stops the pump in such situations as a phase drop out, overheating or if the pump is overloaded for some reason. SMART contributes to long levity and high reliability. Another refinement is the air valve. In the event of dry running, the impeller automatically functions as a fan to cool the pump motor, bearings and seals when the air valve releases the hot air.

– We have been very particular about the details, from the electronic surveillance system to the seals and finding the optimum material in the wear parts in the pump, says Peter Schmid. All details are chosen to secure optimal capacity and pump life length so our customers really get a good investment when buying a Grindex pump.

Additionally, the pumps are fitted with rubber shock absorbers, which help to protect vulnerable parts of the pump from impact damage. All-in-all, these changes mean that the new Grindex pumps can work at practically full power for their entire working life, a life length that has been dramatically increased.

Grindex has a worldwide network of sales and service centres with Grindex trained sales personnel, engineers and technicians. Apart from stocks of pumps and spare parts, these centres also provide technical support. Together with standardised spare parts, this makes it easy for Grindex customers to keep the down time to a minimum. As earlier, a drainage pump can be converted to a sludge pump and vice-versa.

The drainage pumps will be first in line in the new pump line. The new generation of sludge pumps will be launched this spring.

For further information please contact MD Peter Schmid at Grindex (Telephone: 08-606 66 00,
Fax: 08-745 53 28, Email: marketing@grindex.com, Website: http://www.grindex.com/)

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