Monday, July 14, 2008

New Integrated Pump and Vector Drive

ThomasNet brings a news release of seepex, Inc. about their new integrated pump and vector drive:

MD and BW pumps are available with drive that integrates single reduction gear reducer, 4-pole TEFC, inverter-rated ½ hp electric induction motor, and vector type variable frequency drive in NEMA 4 enclosure. Pump and drive combination, covering performance band of 0.08-4.7 gpm and pressures to 360 psi, operates from 1x120 Vac, 15 A circuits with 5-15p grounded plug. Drive has H-O-A switch with 10-turn potentiometer for manual control and will accept 4-20 mA process signal.

To read the full press release please click on the link below:

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