Sunday, November 23, 2008

Piston Pumps feature pneumatic top-head drive motor

Press release of Blackhawk Technology Company from ThomasNet: A new modular design, based on extensive field experience in a variety of customer applications, has resulted in a piston pump design that is easier to install and features a field serviceable pneumatic top-head drive motor that is easy to repair. Designated the Vector, this weather resistant pump includes easy-to-adjust speed control mufflers located on the driver's side frame, making maintenance easy and safe for field personnel.

The Vector piston pump design eliminates fugitive exhaust emission and associated odor problems, because driver air never contacts the liquid being pumped. In addition, a new fluidic switch controls pump speed, so liquid is pumped at a controlled rate, reducing the risk of overpumping and dramatically reducing silting and clogging.

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Piston Pumps feature pneumatic top-head drive motor

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