Sunday, March 8, 2009

Customized Solutions: KNF Corrosion-Resistant Diaphragm Process Pumps

From ThomasNet: KNF corrosion-resistant diaphragm process pumps provide ideal solutions for sampling, transferring, evacuating, or compressing aggressive gases in a wide range of challenging industrial applications. These electrically operated and oil-free pumps deliver reliable and contamination-free performance and can be customized with a variety of available materials, motor types, and configurations to suit unique specifications.

KNF corrosion-resistant process pumps combine high-grade steels and solid PTFE (or other inert materials for the wetted head portion) with a laminated layer of corrosion-resistant material over the diaphragm. Such a combination imparts the desired resistance to corrosion and contributes mechanical and thermal resistance, high tensile strength, and resistance to pressure. The integration of laminated PTFE additionally promotes increased pump flexibility and longer service life.

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Customized Solutions: KNF Corrosion-Resistant Diaphragm Process Pumps Ideally Equipped to Handle Aggressive Gases

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