Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Peristaltic Pumps Waste Less Water In Wastewater Treatment

From Web4Water: The City of Eagan in North Minnesota, USA required a pump capable of accurately dosing 15% sodium hypochlorite or 'hypo' for their new wastewater treatment plant.

Hypo has outstanding disinfection properties. It is used in wastewater treatment to kill off bacteria before being discharged back into the environment and in water treatment as one the primary methods of drinking water disinfection. It is also a challenging product to pump. This is because hypo tends to off-gas, causing some types of pump to vapour lock. Diaphragm pumps are particularly prone to this.

After evaluating several pump choices from a number of manufacturers, they decided on the Verderflex VF10 peristaltic hose pump for the job. The ten pumps will be put to immediate use in this new area of the treatment plant. Each Verderflex VF10 pump is capable of flow rates up to 48 US GPH and at pressures up to 175 psi. Verderflex pumps can pump both gas and liquid, ensuring the liquid stream receives a consistent dose.

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Peristaltic Pumps Waste Less Water In Wastewater Treatment

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