Friday, September 10, 2010

Allweiler received a Euro 5 million fuel injection skid order for Iraqi power plants

From Yahoo! Finance: Colfax Corporation (NYSE:CFX - News), a global leader in fluid-handling solutions for critical applications, announced its Allweiler AG business unit will deliver a euro 5 million fuel-injection skid order through Siemens AG for use in gas turbines in Iraq. The skids will be used for power plant expansions in Kirkuk as well as new plants being built in Baiji and Baghdad.

The first two skids will be completed in early 2011. The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity has ordered an additional five and has options to purchase three more.

To read the full release please click on the link below:
Colfax's Allweiler Business Awarded Euro 5 Million Fuel Injection Skid Order for Iraqi Power Plants

Berlin Technologies

Berlin Technologies is the exclusive representative of Allweiler in Israel

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