Monday, January 17, 2011

Economy Turns the Corner - State of Industry 2011

From Pumps & Systems: For the past two years, Pumps & Systems has used this annual “State of the Industry” space to report market uncertainty within the process industries that we cover. The economic impact of a new U.S. administration combined with stimulus package updates and a struggling overall economy has plagued these pages—making it difficult to find industry optimism. This year, however, there is a different tone.

Reports from the field indicate a rebound in the pump, seals, drives and motors markets for a positive 2011 outlook. Large corporations and small companies are experiencing significant signs of increased business. Following a couple years of disciplined inventory maintenance, competitive bidding, strategic acquisitions and other conservative trends, companies prepare for a long-awaited upturn.

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Economy Turns the Corner - State of Industry 2011

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