Saturday, December 17, 2011

Torishima to supply high pressure pumps for desalination plant in Chile

From Torishima's website: Torishima received an order of high pressure pumps and the booster pumps from ACCIONA Agua for a desalination plant which will be built near the Atacama Desert in the suburbs of Copiapo city in Chile.

ACCIONA Agua is a Spanish leading contractor who designs, constructs and operates water treatment plants and desalination plants. This order comes to the first order for us from the company. Copiapo city has a long history of mining and more than 60 mining in operations. Its dry climate makes it an attractive agricultural area, and each year it gives the Chile’s first fruit harvest.

The new desalination plant will use RO, reverse-osmosis method and fresh water produced there will be destributed throughout the mining area with an aim to solve the chronic water shortage. High pressure water supply pumps play a vital role in RO desalination plants.
Torishima has a considerable experience and expertise in manufacturing and providing of the pumps all over the world, and the proven performances and quality led to the order.

In South America, it has been planed to construct a number of RO desalination plants over the next years. Torishima is committed to continually improving the reliability and quality of our pumps, and contributing to the sustainable water solutions for the area.

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