Sunday, November 25, 2012

DPS Pumps have been given a fresh look

From PRWeb UK: DPS Pumps is the number one site for all pumping needs. We stock a complete range of DAB, KSB and Ebara Pumps. This month DPS Pumps have begun using a new Content Management System. This has allowed the site to be completely visually changed.

The new site design has our customers’ needs at heart. The features are designed to be as intuitive as possible, making navigation of the site straight forward. As well as these changes, there has also been some new products added. These products include new domestic garden and pond pumps to the site. These pumps are ideal for many garden applications, such as ponds,fountains and waterfalls. They also come with a number of accessories which can change the fountain style and can be easily interchanged to give a range of effects.

To read the full release please click on the link below:
DPS Pumps have been given a fresh look

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