Sunday, August 21, 2011

Choosing a pump - An article by Colfax Fluid Handling

From Colfax Corporation Blog:

Colfax Fluid Handling published an article in BioMass Products and Technology entitled, "Choosing a pump". Here are a few excerpts:

"When evaluating pumps for biomass applications, we recommend approaching pump selection from a holistic viewpoint. Several different types of pumps, including positive displacement and centrifugal, can be used in the process as the materials are broken down and converted. Ideally, a pump supplier should be chosen on its ability to offer products that match the specification requirements, as well as knowledge of how the pump interacts with the system and materials."

"The physical properties of the material and aggressiveness through the system also have a significant impact on the pump. Pump materials and coatings, shaft seals and the operating point should be specifically adapted to the pump and system. Be sure to communicate the material and system properties to potential pump suppliers."

To read the full article please click on the following link: Choosing a pump

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