Sunday, August 21, 2011

Debem industrial pumps (video)

From Debem's YouTube channel: The air-operated double-diaphragm pumps BOXER and CUBIC, horizontal centrifugal pumps MB, vertical centrifugal pumps IM, drum transfer pumps TR, automatic pulsation dampeners EEQUAFLUX and the flow reverses DUALFLUX have been entirely designed and manufactured in Italy by Debem, owner of the relevant patents. All the Debem pumps are thoroughly tested to meet the most demanding requirements by the chemical, textile, food, environment, graphic, leather tanning, ceramic, electronic, galvanic, paint and other industries.

A clear idea: design innovative hi-tech pumps using materials and components capable of withstanding the most testing and aggressive conditions, easy to install and highly-efficient for dependable, long-lasting service. This is the corporate philosophy of Debem from Busto Arsizio that has been operating in the liquid transfer sector for more than 25 years, establishing itself as one of the leading players specialising in the manufacture of industrial pumps for highly corrosive and aggressive applications.

Berlin Technologies (sellers of Debem's pumps and equipment in Israel)

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