Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Self-Priming, Sealless Magnetically Driven Thermoplastic Pumps

Chemical Online brings a news release of Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp:

This new VANTON line of heavy duty self-priming, magnetically driven horizontal end suction centrifugal pumps is provided with all fluid contact structural components molded from solid homogeneous thermoplastics such as polypropylene (P) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).

Unlike metals, nonmetallic materials do not corrode. In addition to their chemical inertness, the thermoplastics also offer superior abrasion resistance. These are not plastic-lined metal pumps. Vanton self-priming PG/CGM magnetically driven pumps are constructed with thick-sectioned, solid thermoplastic components that provide a greater degree of performance reliability, reduce maintenance costs, extend pump life and minimize downtime.

These magnetically driven self-priming thermoplastic pumps are recommended for use at temperatures to 275÷F, for flows from 5 to 175gpm at heads to 175 feet. Their unique integrally molded thermoplastic priming chamber and check valve construction maintains the prime during fluid flow interruptions, as well as when the system is shut down for standard maintenance. The pumps offer the following additional advantages:

- Dual nonmetallic containment can assembly with fluoropolymer inner can assembly backed by a rigid nonmetallic composite outer can. This construction avoids troublesome eddy currents and enhances efficiency.
- Teflon sleeve assembly that completely isolates the large diameter stainless steel shaft from the fluid.
- High performance permanent rare earth magnets with power ratings to 45 hp.
- Dynamically balanced closed vane thermoplastic impellers with molded-in stainless steel inserts.
- Wide-open fluid passages that provide for fresh liquid cooling and lubricating of the bearings, and inner magnet assembly.
- Suction port designed to allow for rotation.


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Kelly said...

This pump and its innovative design looks like a great contribution to the thermoplastics industry!