Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Vacuum Pump Inlet Trap Wall Mount Bracket Fits Any Laboratory

ThomasNet brings a news release of Mass-Vac, a provider of vacuum equipment, vacuum pump fluids and vacuum components:

A low-cost, vacuum inlet trap that is designed to prevent pump failures in smaller laboratories and features a new, optional wall mount bracket is being introduced by MV Products of North Billerica, Massachusetts.

The MV Visi®Trap Vacuum Inlet Trap has a clear sump for visually monitoring filter condition and accepts a variety of replaceable filter elements for trapping foreign materials that could damage the pump. Suitable for pumps up to 20 CFM, this see-thru inlet trap can adapt to different processes and is now offered with an optional wall mount bracket for easy installation.

Available with all popular port terminations, the MV Visi®Trap Vacuum Inlet Trap can be supplied with copper gauze, stainless steel gauze, molecular sieve, Sodasorb®, activated charcoal, activated alumina, and PolyPro 2-, 5-, and 20 µm filter types to protect pumps from particles, acids, solvents, or water vapor. Other options include a dial gauge assembly and vent valve.

The MV Visi®Trap Vacuum Inlet Trap is priced from $95.00, depending upon the filter media selected, and the wall mount bracket is $65.00. Technical specifications are available at


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