Saturday, December 15, 2007

'Smart' Diaphragm for Signal Metering Pumps from Gee & Company

A news release from Gee & Company on a 'smart' diaphragm for signal metering pumps:

Improved operational safety and higher volumetric efficiency are among the benefits achieved by the introduction of new smart diaphragm technology to some of the heavy-duty dosing pumps in the Signal range.

The essence of the smart diaphragm is that it empowers the pump itself to decide when and how much oil is to be replenished. This process ensures that any hydraulic oil that is lost in normal operation - through the air bleed valve or via the built-in relief valve - is not only restored just when it is needed, but also in exactly the required quantity.

Claimed to be much more precise than less sophisticated replenishment systems, it avoids oil overfeeding as well as potential problems related to unexpected suction conditions that could lead to diaphragm rupture.

Now a standard feature on all models in the Signal S300 X range of spring-return and hydraulic diaphragm pumps, smart diaphragm technology is claimed to take operational safety to even higher thresholds. It ensures high volumetric efficiency at all stroke and pressure settings and is particularly effective at minimal operating pressures of below 1 bar.

With applications in the potable water, effluent treatment and industrial markets, these heavy-duty process pumps are able to operate continuously across a range of high performance and safety-critical applications. They partner other pumps in the Signal S300 series that feature such features as API 765 casings and double-diaphragms for inherent safety.

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